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Dough 12 - 100% Hydration

Updated: Feb 5

The result of this day was a fail. I believe that my very long ferment, which was at a cold 63°F and 100% rise was still overproofed. When I put the dough in the Dutch oven (DO) it flattened out quite a bit to the point where it was hitting the inside walls of the DO. I used this cast iron fryer that I have been using.

I added a little cup of water inside the Dutch oven I don't know if that contributed to the blisters I like the blisters on this loaf (come to find that's exactly what happened).

Taste: I don't think I like a 100% hydration dough. Even though it was overproofed, when you eat the bread, it gets gummy (not the same gumminess you get when the dough is underproofed).

Here's the crumb shot. The crumb looks like it is overproofed, and maybe under mixed because of the areas of tight holes surrounding bigger holes that have collapsed.

Lucky Dough #13 is already in the works. Hopefully I will do better this time.

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