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Dough 14 - Wheat, Spelt, Rye

Updated: Feb 8


Tastes good. Even with just 50 of the flour mix it tastes too much of wheat.

Bottom up heat (equivalent to a hot baking stone) seems to work but it appears the top didn't expand as much. I'll try heating up the cover a bit more, maybe on the stove top to see if that makes a difference.

The ice cube did not seem to gelatinize the crust. I will add 40g ice cube next time.

Crumb wasn't super open. Not an Instagram crumb. 8 out of 10 on the crumb.


Autolyse: 5hr 45 min

Bulk ferment: 6hr 15 min, 73°F, 30% rise

Cold ferment: 12.5hr


450g bread flour

50g Wheat, spelt, rye

386g water

10g salt


Feb 3

8:00 am - autolyse and feed starter

450g bread flour

50g Wheat, spelt, rye

386g water

10g salt

1:45 pm - laminate and mix. 64°F.

2:00 pm mix salt, 10g and into cambro, and into the oven with the light on

3:00 pm 67°F. 4 corner stretch and fold

4:00 pm 69°F. 4 corner stretch and fold

5:00 pm 70°F , little bubbles starting

6:36 pm 70 °F over 1 qt

8:00 pm 73 °F, 30%, shaped and into fridge

Dough was very loose and hard to shape.

Feb 4

9:30 am. Baked bottom of DO heated on stove. Cover heated with oven set to 525. Bottom reached over 500 deg. Added 20g ice cube. Turned oven off for 10 min.

20 min covered at 450. Uncovered for 15 at 425. Removed bottom and parchment and baked for another 15 min at 425.

and the crumb shot

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