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Dough 15 - Size Matters


Size doesn't matter. Both loaves have about the same crumb.


Autolyse: 6.5 hr

Bulk Ferment: Unknown

Cold Ferment: Unknown

This is a 1.5 batch. Going to make a loaf based on 500g and one based on 250g and compare crumbs.


8:00 am fed and autolyse begins

750 flour, 581 water, 150 starter, 15 salt

2:30 mixed. Volume is about 1.2L temp is

3:00 65F in oven with light on

4:30 67F 4 corners stretch and fold

7:00 split into two loaves

9:32 71 for small loaf. 70 for big loaf. Signs of fermentation

10:00 71 on both loaves. Smaller is sub 600 ml

an the crumb from the smaller loaf

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