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Flour Mix

I went to Winco and bought three different flowers Bob's Redmill, spelt, dark rye, and whole wheat bread flour. I combined all three flowers, and made my own mix. Here's the weights:

62% 325g whole wheat bread flour

18% 91g  Bob’s Redmill spelt flower

20% 102g dark rye

There's really no rhyme or reason to the ratio. The store was almost out of dark rye, so I grabbed as much as I could. I didn't want too much of the mixture since I have a tendency to buy more flour than I actually use.

I will be adding the mixture to dough 14. A couple years ago during the pandemic people were giving me all kinds of flower, because there was a shortage. I made a single dough that combined all these different types of flour and I feel like it was the most flavorful loafI've ever made. I'm chasing that dragon!

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