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Get Ready for your Close-up!

Professional pictures sell a house. How do you get your house ready for pictures? What's important? It's as if your house is getting ready for its first date, in years! Let's make sure we show it in its best light. Follow these guideline to get your house looking spiff for its Tinder profile!

  1. Decluttter - Since you probably haven't used it, it doesn't need to be there. I'm talking about the blender on your kitchen countertop. Speaking of which, we really don't want the dish sponge in the picture either. While we're at it, no one knows your grandmother, so let's take her picture from her first vacation to Iowa off the wall.

  2. Depersonalize - Having some personal pictures up is fine, but we really want the buyer to picture themselves living in your house.

  3. Pile Moving - If you're in an rush, then, the day of the pictures you can always just run one room ahead of the photographer. You pick every dirty sock your kid left and the dog toys out of room A and move them to room B. Ms Photographer will take a picture of room A, while the pile is in room B. When it's time to photograph room B, well, you get the picture. Of course this isn't recommended. You'll have to deal with that pile at some point before the first showings.

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